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In a continuously growing market like the consumer electronics and information technologies, there is this impression that nothing is repaired anymore and everything will work flawlessly especially if the product is carrying a brand name

In order to obtain large market shares the producers ensures their products with extended warranty. The products are more and more reliable and the breakdown is less likely as the technology becomes more and more advanced. Still with such low breakdown rate as the production increases the number of defective devices is impressive. As a service engineer I can tell you that the volume of defective consumer electronics devices is impressive and not necessary declining with time. If you take in to consideration the fact that more and more design errors surface due to the rapid development and creation of new models and increased schematics complexity this will explain itself to you. Entire production lots can present the same malfunction or defect after a period of time from various reasons. Another factor witch determines failures during and after warranty period is the low quality discrete components utilized in order to reduce costs (very often this is true for brand products) the time influence on components or the usage of devices in extreme conditions …

Solution !!!! 

Servicing is still an answer for the problems we encounter with our very needed and dear electronics devices and witch from time to time still break down. The high prices we encounter in the Romanian “Service Centers” are prohibitive and they make you think you somehow landed in some NASA facility. The personnel there are always busy an unreachable and all they do is avoiding the problems causing stress and disappointment to the costumers. Long periods of time are passing until some spare parts are ordered and received. This fact is caused by the fact that they are simple employees and in general a bigger number of units serviced does not bring a bigger earnings for them, lack of motivation and pour servicing skills. This is not the case for us because we put ourselves in your place I realized there is a place in this Romanian market for friendlier Service Centers in witch you can find an answer to your problems and where someone experienced and trained personnel can honestly tell you witch is the best solution for you and help you with your problems. That is how this website was born and the business itself 5 years ago. Time has proven that I was right; we have grown and became more popular as people recommended us and bringing new customers.

When do we fix the mainboard ???

You noticed that your computer is not working properly or is not even starting? Check the capacitors on your main board because there is a possibility for you to notice they are inflated like some aluminum cans ready to burst. This phenomenon occurs as a result of higher then recommended temperatures inside your pc combined with a poor capacitor quality. The capacitors purpose is to filter the voltages produced or used by the main board and in the end by the system altogether. The main board in some cases is still functioning but if you do not change them with another ones the field effect transistors witch are used to stabilize the voltage filtered by the defective capacitor are going to to be destroyed ending the life of your main board and system. Resetting, freezing or not starting are another effects of bad caps. We can fix it for you

You can not hear the sound from your computer or the sound is distorted and of a bad quality? One channel is missing? Power supply connector is not coming out from the main board connector? Is your system restarting sometimes or often? This is probably from your main board. You do not need a new computer. We can fix it for you Main board repair is a high skill and delicate operation but is not impossible. The only problem there is involved in main board repair is the impossibility to replace the South Bridge and North Bridge with regular tolls. This operation uses a more expensive and dedicated device. But only 50% of the problems are caused by south bridge or North Bridge. In Taiwan at Gigabyte Service I had reached a 90% success in main board repair. There you have all the documentation and resources you need

This things are meant for end users not experts or professionals in order to avoid expensive investments in electronics ( the worst investment as the value is decreasing very fast ) The professionals are usually the constant clients and they do not need any further information except price. For the regular user I do recommend to bring the computer altogether in order to avoid further damage and a proper diagnostic.

When do we bring to repair our power supply ???

Did you notice a noise coming from your PC while running? It is the sound from your power supply cooler (fan) or main board or video card. If it is to noisy it is bad if it is not present any more it is very bad. When one of this coolers stops working or the dust gathers the cold air is not flowing thru radiators and the cooling effect is reduced. The unit overheats and the lifespan is reduced or the unit star to malfunction or stops working completely. You can check this thing very fast by placing your hand behind your unit to check the worm air flow coming from inside. If there is no sound coming from your fan it is recommended (mandatory) to take it to service as soon as possible before it brakes down completely .During operation large quantities of dust gathers inside the power supply blocking the air flow over the heating components or radiators, the cooler stops or spins slower allowing the temperature to increase to levels witch close the capacitors to go bad and in the end the computer stops restarts or malfunction.. If you check our prices you will notice how inexpensive it is to avoid this kind of events if you just bring your power supply or your computer for a little clean up.

We repair any type of power supplies

When do we service the monitor ???

Did you notice your monitor starts to function weird? Does it make weird noises? It’s the brightness lower when before or blurry? Is the image changing its tones? Is the size stable and the geometry varying?  Is it starting after a while or not at all? Is it smoke coming out? If   your answer is positive then you should service your monitor. The sooner you get there, the cheaper it will be and you will increase your monitor’s lifespan.. This symptoms are a proof of  some existing problems witch can be resolved by qualified personnel

We are servicing any LCD or CRT monitors and television sets

Software services

Did you noticed  that your Windows it takes more time in order to start and the same programs ate taking longer than usual to finish the tasks? You can see error messages on the screen? You seem to get all the viruses you meet?

We install and configure your operating system (for laptops and devices without external optical device also), antivirus solutions. This includes warranty and complete check of your computer functionality with easy one stop. With software and hardware knowledge in one stop you can be sure you can avoid trips and save money. Our prices are very attractive and we have all kind of offers for you at this chapter. Just ask for a cleanup aor some extra service while we install your operating system and we will be glad to offer you discounts or do it for free